Integrative Health Concierge

Total Health Makeovers for Women Over 40

It’s my passion to guide working women and busy moms in regaining control of their health and lifestyle in order to live a deeply fulfilling life.

As a wife, mama of four, and Integrative Health Coach, I balance a packed schedule, and women always ask me how I do it—I’ve found ways to uphold my commitment to carving out time for my personal health and wellness every single day, and I believe you can, too.

Through customized, immersive, and holistic solutions like integrative health coaching, weight training, and clean living practices, we can work together to optimize your health and balance your hormones in perimenopause, menopause, and beyond.

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Meet Brittany

Since the day I became pregnant with my oldest daughter, I reevaluated everything that I was putting in my body. Through all the phases of my life, I’ve learned how to incorporate health and wellness into my diet, lifestyle, and juggling it all as a mom.

I’m driven by my desire to help people and connect with others. Through 1:1 coaching, group coaching, detox programs, and boot camps, it’s my goal to help you achieve goals through accountability and that ultimate feeling of being the person you trust in your corner.